Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Bitch ain't "back"- he never left.

Well, I had typed my whole life story, and then lost it. Not really. But I did lose the post. Mostly it just said that Elton John rocked his own "party" (Let's face it, that thing on TV was not the party, which leads me to wonder, who's playing his real party?)
Normally I wouldn't watch that sort of thing, but I only have six channels out here, so it was the best non-repeat thing on.
My "step-dad " Travis Holder has the distinction of being the man who actually booked Elton's first United States appearance at the Troubador in L.A. against the advisement of Doug Weston, the club's owner (at the time at least). The rest is history. Anyone else remember Elton John being on the cover of every single fucking magazine in existence back in the 70s? He was bigger than the Beatles, who were roumered to be bigger than Jesus. My big sister went nuts on Elton. Her bedroom covered from floor to ceiling with ELTON!! I however had the good taste to go the Star Wars route in my room. Yeah...Star Wars...Stylin'.
I still remember the morning Elton died, to me. I was sleeping at a friends house, and I woke up to "Don't go breakin' my heart"- it was catchy, it was awful. Just awful. And back then they just played the shit out of everything, so it was one of those songs that just wouldn't go away. But everything he did before that, piece of crap, was pretty damn good. I wasn't a fan really, but it sure got played a lot in my house, as well as the radio, so it becomes a part of you. Funny, I probably know the words to his stuff better than my wacko-fan sister.
In closing, it was a pretty good performance for an old man. Amazing fingers. Not bad for a guy who almost killed himself a few times back then. A good thing too. He'd have missed the party.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY...ya' weirdo.

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