Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Intensity is the mother of intention.

Eventually of course, the towers fell (along with building seven) and now "the whole world has changed" theoretically, and I've got this piece of music with no lyrics. This was one of those times for me where it seemed like I was plucking the words out of the air or something.

The image of the great collapse made me think of a bible verse from Revelation:

Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen.

I always remembered that phrase because it always struck me a bit odd. I mean, why say it twice? "is fallen, is fallen?" Now I'm not a big bible guy, but it's pretty trippy when you look at 9/11 through the lens of that verse. Two buildings, two symbols of capitalist excess, two, "is fallens." Simple.

Here are the words to the song as I remember them from that place you remember things from:


Manhattan city towers standin' side by side;

A monument of human power, wealth, and pride-

In my opinion they just build them way too high;

but who the hell am I to say?

Yeah, who the hell am I?

Something suicidal came out of the sky;

a ball of fire as captured by the camera's eye-

and as we lapsed into the "who what where and why,"

two hundred-twenty floors collapsed in double time,

Babylon the great has really fallen, fallen-

Babylon the great has truly fallen, fallen-

Meanwhile not too far away in Washington,

the dogs of war were seated in their Pentagon;

and if they're the ones who claim to know what's goin' on,

well who the hell are "they" momma?

Somethin' homicidal came out of the sky;

A flaming arrow struck the nation in the side.

When trouble makers find themselves in troubled times,

who can really say, momma?

Who can really say?

Babylon the great has finally fallen, fallen-

Babylon the great has fuckin' fallen, fallen-

It's better to be wide awake than paranoid;

It's better to be paranoid than be destroyed-

but you'd better know the methods evil men employ;

You'd better look around brother-

Better look around.

Somethin' suicidal came out of the blue;

Somethin' in my bible's finally comin' true;

Nostradamus made the New York Book Review,

but no one had a clue really,

no one had a clue.

Babylon the great-blah blah blah......

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