Thursday, September 22, 2011

The house of hallucinations

This is the house where my grandmother's best friend lived.
She took in a refugee from Poland who, in the early 1980s, was to be one of my dearest friends.
We would spend hours together, playing Beatles songs on guitar (he was the closest thing I has to a teacher- and I did my best to help him learn English),smoking pot, drinking (magic) mushroom tea- or tripping on acid.
One night, the house's owner, Mae (who's daughter is an artist/author and did covers for the Buffalo Springfield)came up and knocked on the door.
We were smoking pot, burning incense, had various colored lightbulbs burning, and were "tripping balls"- so we kind of paniced.
We opened the door and she says, "I just thought you boys would be interested to know that one time my daughter Evie had a buch of guys up here- that turned out to be The Grateful Dead."
So many memories.
This was taken from google maps and then photoshopped to this (I had to remove cars and signs and things). I rather like the result.

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