Sunday, November 16, 2008

My most important discovery- EVER

Science, specifically the field of astronomy, seems to have concluded that we live in what is termed as an "expanding universe." This may be due to the "Big Bang" which is believed to have brought our universe into existence.
When astronomers observe this expanding universe, they see an amazing phenomenon. All of the solar systems, galaxies, and other galactic flotsam in our universe, is, for some reason, moving away from us. Now that's odd.
Why, is the whole universe, not only expanding, but expanding away from us?
I pondered this notion for quite some time, then, in a blinding flash of insight, like that of Einstein, Kepler, Galileo, or Newton, it hit me; our universe, somehow possesses an innate knowledge of itself, and of everything contained in it, even our relatively tiny, insignificant, little planet Earth, and it would appear that the universe "knows" that, this planet, sucks.

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